Tropical Nights Cooling Bandana

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I just love this summer pattern filled with fruity melons, pineapples and tropical flowers!

Designed in house, exclusive to Arton & Co. this delightful summary pattern is printed on our unique sportswear material, making it perfect on hot summer days! It's the ultimate cooling accessory!


- Unique material allowing air to pass freely through keeping your dog cool.
- Simply wet to activate the unique fabric and then fasten around your dog's neck to help keep them cool.
- Use wet or dry, even on cold days, it's the perfect accessory.
- Adjustable- want it smaller? simply roll down the top of the bandana to create your perfect fit!
- Unique funky fabric designed in house
- Lightweight material- never bulky or heavy around your dog's neck, even when wet!
- Stretchy material, great for fastening around your dog's neck.

- Reusable, once the bandana dries simply re- wet the fabric in cold water. You can even put it in ther fridge to make it extra cool! Then just fasten it back on your dogs neck again to help keep them cool.


Sizes available:

Small: 50cm- Diagonal

Medium: 63cm- Diagonal

Large: 76cm - Diagonal


How to measure and find the right size for your dog!

Take a tape measure and wrap it around the dog's neck. Take two of your fingers and place them between your dog's neck and the tape measure. The size of the dog bandana is the length on the folded longest edge. This is the part which you tie around your dogs neck.


How to wear

With inspiration from the traditional design of bandanas, these are cut into a square shape and folded in half to form a triangle. These are then simply fastened around the dog's neck in a double knot creating a stylish neckerchief.


How to activate

Simply place your dog bandana under cold water and soak through. Gently ring out any excess water and then tie in a double knot around your dog's neck. When the bandana dries simply re-wet!

Even on not hot days, it is the perfect bandana as our unique material is super lightweight so wet or dry it's never too heavy or bulky on your dog!


All products are designed from start to finish by myself ( Nichola) and modelled by my troop of models ( Petal, Honey & Belle) which you will see all over my Instagram and wearing my accessories.

Please head over to @artonandco at Instagram to see all our latest posts and offers.

Please note that as each item is handmade to order, fabric placement and pattern size can vary slightly from one piece to another, and as shown

If you have any questions or need a specific size please message!