Teal Expedition Dog Lead

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20mm Wide Teal Lead
0.30 KGS
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 I just love this amazing new material, its so tough and durable, the colours really stand out and its so easy to care for! No adding waterproof oils or protection, it is already fully protected! Just simply wipe clean!

(Even when wet it does not smell!)  


- Strong durable webbing core

- 100% waterproof- take in the sea, in the lake, it will not stretch or loose its shape!

- Wipe clean- Any dirt on the collar is so easy to remove, just wipe clean!

- Different widths available

- Amazing range of colours available, you are sure to stand out!

- All feature the Arton & Co. charm

- A d ring at the top of the lead to attach your poo bag holders!

- Solid Rose Gold finish metal hardware- New colours coming soon!


All leads come as a standard 4ft in length. If you require a longer or shorter lead please do get in touch as this is something I can make for you.

Sizes available

20mm wide lead- Suitable for small dogs, it features a smaller trigger clasp and is thinner and more lightweight. It goes best with the Mini, Extra Small and Small collar.

25mm wide lead- Suitable for larger or stronger dogs. It is a wider lead and has a large heavy duty trigger clasp on it. It is best suited with the Medium and Large Collars.


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