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Hi and welcome to my website!

I started out back in 2012 when looking for an actual nice or even pretty dog collar was just impossible! They were either black or neutral colours and the most decoration you ever got was a few paw prints! Not that exciting! When looking at these existing collars and leads durablity was key, which of course I still wanted but why couldnt my dog look fab at the same time? Somthing fun to brighten up miserable and cold winter days, or keeping in with the latest trends.

I come from a design back ground and have always been into my crafts, having studied textile design and innovations at University I was always into looking at existing trends and manipulating fabrics. I decided one day to have a play around with new ideas about some design based dog collars. I researched all my products beforehand, I wanted the best components so I could feel confident in not only the design of my products but also the safety and security of them. Everything down to the fabrics used, the internal webbings, the stitching and the metal fastenings have taken months of research and testing to ensure they

Finally not only did I have a great looking dog collar but it was durable, hardwaring  and practical! It was a great to have a fab looking design but it was also able to be put in the washing machine. I mean who doesnt need a dog collar and lead which can be put in the washing machine? All worries are now gone. Your dog can go in the muddiest field and all you have to do is put it in the washing machine. Job done! ( I do recommend you put it in a pillow case though to protect your washer!)

From our range of collars we added matching leads, bandanas and bow ties to match. Creating a fab range of stylish products for your dog, making you stand out from the crowd but also provide a strong, hardwaring product. We now offer personalistion on our bandanas, whether it be added on with vinyl or embroidered. This is a great way to add a little more to your bandanas and are a great keep sake.

As our ranges grew I ventured out into the world of farmers markets to sell my products. I wanted something more to add to my existing range of pet accessoires. I wanted to be able to sell anything you could possibly need for your dog (Still looking fabulous) After many trips to various pet stores I noticed treats were a popular item bought for your pet. After looking at the many treats on sale I just did not have a clue what was in them! Have you read the back of the packs? crazy stuff. You start looking into these ingredients and it just scares you even more. Back to the reseach again and I sourced a vet to help me with my ideas and feed back to regarding different ingredients, which were safe for dogs. Again coming from my design background I started to get creative and a had a lot of fun coming up with some new designs which made buying dog treats a lot more fun for you, because lets face it you dont really look and think ooooo they look delicious! Granted your not eating them but your buying them, why not enjoy it and get excited!
 The range has now developed into some great gifts and treats for your dog. They can be bought as presents for you friends dogs or used to create your own puppy parties.

Our birthday cakes are a fab way to celebrate your dogs birthday and why not?! Everyone else in the family gets their day. Our specially developed icing is both sugar free and fat free so its a great treat for your dog.

All our ingredients are tested annually and we are registerd with DEFRA and Lancashire Trading Standards.

I hope you have fun looking through all I have to offer and can find some great things for your dog. In todays modern world dogs are not just dogs anymore. They are apart of the family, another child, another baby. I know mine definately are! I love to spoil them with new outfits and treats and throw them crazy puppy parties on their birthday. Its great to celebrate and to share it with you. They get crazy excited and I know it makes them happy, it certainley makes me happy. My three Cavaliers are my inspiration and you will see them a lot featured on my website and Instagram pages (@artonandco) 

All my items are handmade to order so please allow a few days for your items to be made for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, ask me anything!

Nichola Arton
Arton & Co.

Arton & Co. is a trading name of Kilmarsh Ltd